Bug in ttmathuint_x86_64_msvc.asm


You are using ESP as the offset for the stack frame but should be using rsp.

This will fail when the process is located in memory that you can't represent with the 32 bit esp.


Added by: tomek, 2017 II 06

Thanks, what a stupid error.

Added by: ~S.H.Bouwhuis, 2017 III 10

Is there any chance you will do a new release? It has been a while and there have been a couple of fixes.

Added by: tomek, 2017 III 12, Last modified: 2017 III 12

Yes, it's a good idea. I have prepared a 0.9.4.prerelease:
ftp://ttmath.org/pub/ttmath/ttmath-0.9.4.prerelease-src-2017 .03.12.tar.gz

Please make sure that everythig works fine. In the package there is a 'doc' directory with auto generated documentation from doxygen. If there is no any problem then within two weeks a new release will be made.