changes from branch chk

I wish you could apply my changes - it's very hard for me to follow your changes at the moment, there are too many differences. Even with SVN it's not easy ;-)

Also, yould you add your debug log files (output of the test program) to SVN too, I guess they might change with your changes, so I cannot verify my code any more.

What do you think?

Added by: tomek, 2009 VI 07, Last modified: 2009 VI 07

Sorry but at the moment I don't have any pc running with 64 bit windows and I am unable to merge your changes. In the next week I try to use some kind of virtualization (virtualbox or virtualpc) if the compiler (VC Express 2008) will work then I merge your changes.

I'll create a new program to make the debug log, the log will be very long I am not convinced putting it to our repository. Instead it probably will be downloaded through ftp or http. This should be made in the next week.

Added by: ~chkaiser, 2009 VI 08

There's no real need to apply ASM changes, but the ones I would appreciate to have are:

- unicode support (tchar_t instead of char, tstr_t insteach of char*, ...) (based at ttmathconfig.h, and the corresponding member function declarations and such)
- thread safety changes (based at ttmathconfig.h, "if defined(_MT)..." and "TTMATH_IMPLEMENT_THREADSAFE_OBJ")

These changes are spread over all the files, so it's a lot of work to keep these in sync with your recent changes.

x64 and x64 ASM optimizations for MSVC are only based in two files, so there's no urgent need for these.


Added by: chkaiser, 2009 VI 08

... sorry, "x86 and x64 changes..." ;-)

Added by: ~Christian Kaiser, 2009 VI 25

Sigh. Merging your changes becomes more and more complicated, if not unmanageable. I'd really appreciate if you could check and merge my changes regarding:

- MSVC specific code (warnings etc)
- Unicode specific typedef's
- Threading issue
- MSVC x64 assembler optimization