g++-4.4 Ubuntu-Linux (32-Bit) ttmath-0.9.1, array index out of bounds

when i compile the current stable version samples on Ubuntu Linux with g++-4.4.1, i get the following warning:

g++ -c -Wall -pedantic -s -O2 -I.. big2.cpp
In file included from ../ttmath/ttmath.h:58,
from big2.cpp:1:
../ttmath/ttmathbig.h: In member function ťttmath::uint ttmath::Big<exp, man>::ToString_CreateNewMantissaAndExponent(string_type& , const ttmath::Conv&, ttmath::Int<(exp + 1)>&) const [with string_type = std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, char_type = char, unsigned int exp = 2u, unsigned int man = 4u]Ť:
../ttmath/ttmathbig.h:2282: Warnung: array index in initializer exceeds array bounds
g++ -o big2 -Wall -pedantic -s -O2 -I.. big2.o

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Ettl Martin

Added by: tomek, 2010 III 23

This is a compiler issue, the condition is checked but the compiler doesn't see it. I'll change it in the next version.

Added by: ~guest, 2010 III 24

Maybe we can report it to the gcc developers?

Can you simplify the it to a sample? I will report it to the gcc-developers.

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Added by: tomek, 2010 III 30

No, It is actually not a bug. First I check the exponent in this way:
if( exponent > maxbit + sint(int_size*TTMATH_BITS_PER_UINT) )
where exponent is ttmath::Int<> and then I cast it to sint:

sint how_many_bits = exponent.ToInt();
if( how_many_bits < 0 )

and the compiler doesn't know that the first 'if' is combined with the latter. I have to rewrite it in a simpler way.