How to raise a number to a power?

Hi Tomek,

Can you tell me how I raise one number to another, please?

For example, if I write

ttmath::Big <1,4> answer(0.0), four(4.0), two(2.0);

answer = four.Exp(two);

Will only give me 0,1 or 2, but

answer = Exp(four, two);

Gives me an error telling that there are too many arguments.

answer.Exp(four, two) gives me a similar error.

I also get the same results with pow.

So i'm stumped. Is the only way to do this using loops?

Thanks again, James

Added by: ~James, 2015 I 23

Ok, I figured it out.

If i write

ttmath::Int<4> four(4), two(2);


Then the answer is put in four so four now changes into 16.

If i write

Answer = four.Pow(two);

Then i only get a variable 0 , 1 or 2 depending on the condition.

Added by: ~James, 2015 I 23

^^^ 0, 1 or 2 is put into Answer.