Intel Xeon


I am running ttmath on a Xeon, i.e. Intel 64 bit and it seems to work
nicely. Can somebody confirm that all operations are done correctly
on such a platform, i.e. is ttmath supposed to work on that platform?


Added by: tomek, 2012 IV 22, Last modified: 2012 IV 22

TTmath should work on any little endian platform, in the future a big endian should be added too.

Personally I tested only i386 (Intel processors) and amd64 (Intel and Amd processors). If this Xeon has an amd64 architecture (there were Xeon Itanium probably too) then this library will work correctly.
Additionally if you are using GCC or Microsoft Visual compiler then you benefit from asm code.

Whether you are using asm or not you can check in this way:
std::cout << ttmath::UInt<1>::LibTypeStr() << std::endl;

In the future LLVM (clang) will also be using the asm code as this is similar to GCC asm version.