Nice Library!


My name is Khaled Alshaya,
I am a student of Computer Science at KFUPM in Saudi Arabia...

I tried ttmath and I found it to be really amazing :)
I found your design to be really elegant and fast. Especially the eliminating of dynamic memory management.

I am planning to to write a tutorial for ttmath in Arabic language after my final exams (after a month or so).. the tutorial will be posted on the biggest Arabic Forum related to programming called, I hope this will get the attention of more users to this elegant library :)

I find the only thing that the library lacks is a serious documentation and real examples of how to use the library..

So if you are interested I can code some real examples, that would show the usage of the library in general and contribute to the documentation.. (of course after my finals :)

Added by: tomek, 2009 VI 07

Thanks for your nice opinion. The documentation will be started from 0.9.x branch. There'll be some new features: UInt<> and Int<> can throw an exception (when there is a carry in some methods), Big<> will have NaN (Not a Number) flag, and there'll be support for 64 bit assembler code for Visual C compiler (branch 'chk' maintained by Christian Kaiser will be merged).

If you create good examples to the library we of course use them.

Added by: ~Affinity, 2011 IV 10

AsQ4Kv Wow! That's a really neat answer!