SEGFAULT with gcc 4.3.3


I have used ttmath (most recent version) now for a couple of weeks and it works great for my floating point calculations. I was using it together with gcc 4.1.2. Now I switched to 4.3.3 and I start running continiously into SEGFAULTS. Specifically gdb tells me that a SEGFAULT occurs in in ttmathbig.h here:

void FromDouble_SetExpAndMan(bool is_sign, sint e, uint mhighest, uint m)
exponent = e;
mantissa.table[man-1] = m | mhighest;

for(uint i=0 ; i<man-1 ; ++i)
mantissa.table[i] = 0;

Did anybody else have that problem?


Added by: tomek, 2012 V 09

Please show the whole program which causes this.